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Katie Maycock, Stress and Burnout specialist, 2024

Are you ready to
Get Your Sh*t Together? 

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Stress and burnout are happiness vampires…

...that’s a fact.


Happiness just doesn’t naturally go hand in hand with stress and burnout. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.


I know, because that was me too.


So if you’re ready to try out a different route,

then let’s start that road trip today!

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Wondering if you're suffering from
high-achiever burnout, or are on your way there?

The Get Your Sh*t Together Burnout score may give you some answers

I get it, I really do! 

I know what it feels like to be burnt out, lost, and feeling like I have to chase success while sprinting away from failure.


After burning out (twice!), I knew it was time to get some space. To literally ‘Get My Sh*t Together!’. And that’s when I started to go really deep on trying to understand my relationship with stress, and how it was impacting every part of my life.

And when I say I went deep, I went really deep.

I came to understand why I was chasing ‘stereo-typical success’. But I also had to acknowledge the workaholic perfectionist I had become, and how it had left me sick, unfulfilled, and questioning my very existence.


And that’s exactly when I stopped.


And instead unlearnt all the unsustainable coping mechanisms that had got me so far, and instead created a life where I was more than my job. And do you know what? I started thriving.


And I want others to be able to thrive too.

Which is exactly why I’m building a

Get Your Sh*t Together community.

A space where we can all learn, share,

chat, and rebuild.

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Katie Maycock, Stress and Burinout Specialist 2024
Katie Maycock, Stress and Burinout Specialist 2024

But also somewhere to learn new habits.

The Get Your Sh*t Together community is a supportive and totally non-judgemental space where you have the chance to:

  • Join me for a live monthly masterclass where I will be visiting some really interesting topics; each masterclass will have an activity worksheet too, to keep that learning going!

  • Chat with others in a safe space, many of who are likely to be feeling the same as you


  • Participate in weekly Q&A's where I’m around to answer your questions


  • Get discounts on the Get Your Sh*t Together courses, that go deeper into the topics and include 6-weeks of guided learning (there's loads more to come on this in 2024!)

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For the first 100 members,  we are offering a very special deal...

Only £9 a month, for as long as you stay signed up!

Which means that when memberships go up (and they will!), you will stay at the £9/month price. Stay a member for the next X number of years? Won't go up then either!


This is a one-off offer only open to the first 100  people who sign up though.

Is that going to be you? 

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I want to be part of the community...

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See you there!

Want to know what people say about us...

"I joined one of Katie’s webinars a few weeks ago and found it incredibly useful. Her way of delivering the information is super informative yet it feels fun and relaxed also. I put some of the advice into practice right away and also shared the recording with one of my team. I learnt more from Katie’s 1 hour webinar than I ever did from trying to speak to doctors about stress and anxiety 👏👏"

Hannah Campbell
Company Director

When it comes to Katie, it's all about her energy, passion & enthusiasm.
I have hosted a lot of webinars, but never seen so many engaged users!
She proved that content about stress and burnout can be fun!
Perkbox absolutely loved working with you!

Maddie, Perkbox

I have had the pleasure of being an attendee on some of Katie’s webinars and every single time something resonates with me enough for me to want to ‘change a behaviour!’ 

Today’s session was about spotting signs of burnout and it was a cracker!! Katie is a fantastic host and comes across clearly, her points are concise and her stage presence is there in abundance. Looking forward to the next one!

Renee Rogers

Company Founder

Wondering if you're suffering from
high-achiever burnout, or are on your way there?

The Get Your Sh*t Together Burnout score may give you some answers

We'll get back to you soon!

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Get Your Sh*t Together community, drop us a line.


We'd love to hear from you!


If you're looking for 1-2-1 coaching with Katie, or are looking to support the wellbeing of your employees, check out our GYST wellbeing site.


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