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Human First.

Business Second. 


Don't get me wrong. Business is important. Setting the right foundation is extremely important to ensure the success and growth of any organisation. Getting that right is essential. 


Creating structures and developing leadership skills is imperative to make sure the culture of the company is set to succeed. Whether we are looking at growth or preventing burnout, it has to be led from the front. 


Get Your Sh*t Together with business means developing processes that breed success in a sustainable way. 


Many businesses grow on faulty foundations, leading to growth that can’t be sustained which can cause stress for any business leader. 


Burnout is a big problem when we are looking at the leadership team. Whether it’s the CEO, MD, Executive team or line managers. Creating resilient leaders is imperative for an organization to ensure the success of any business. 

When looking at business, we focus on:



Leadership styles 



Direct management training 

Developing and training sales teams 


All of which is to focus on sustainable growth for the organisation. 

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The mindset piece of Get Your Sh*t Together is essential for success. 


If you have burnout yourself or have a leadership team that is burnout, changing your mindset is essential. 


Developing a mindset is imperative when we are looking at resilient leaders. 


A resilient leader isn’t simply being able to face adversity, it’s the ability to bounce back and grow through adversity. 


All of which is created from developing a resilient mindset. 


When we are looking at mindset at Get Your Sh*t Together, we are looking at developing: 


Stress management skills 

Communication skills 

Becoming a Decisive leader 

Developing coaching skills to impart on their teams 


Mindset is also making sure we take care of the mental and emotional needs of any leader. 

Physical Health.


We have to look at your physical health. 


Stress has a profound impact on the body and being able to mitigate the impact is essential. 


With a keen focus on diet and exercise, creating a personalized plan to ensure that you are physically going to be able to cope as a resilient leader. 


This is really where the human first part comes in. 


We have to build a physical base to ensure that you are able to physically cope with the demands of being a resilient leader. 


In this part we look at:




Daily routines 



Not taking care of yourself is creating a foundation of burnout, which is essentially disastrous for any organisation. 


Katie Maycock, B.Sc Nutrition

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