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1 in 3 people in the workplace across the UK have reported that they are stressed or anxious. 

That’s a large portion of every workplace. Many employees fear coming forward. 


Companies need to be taking more action to support their employees.


The impacts of stress and anxiety are becoming more and more problematic in the workplace with: 

- Increased risk of burnout
- Decreased performance 
- Increase in days off
- Decreased productivity 
- Decreased critical thinking 
- Decreased practical problem solutions 

Not only that, we have to look at the individuals that are affected.


How do I help?

With my background in nutrition and anxiety, I take an integrated approach to stress and anxiety.

I provide information on how to overcome or prevent stress and anxiety as well as discuss how to mitigate the effects through lifestyle choices (including diet and exercise). 


Corporate Programs:

- One-hour talk 
- Half Day Seminars 
- Eight-Week Program 
- 1:1 Coaching 

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