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Alright, let's chat about diets.


Why do they fail? 


Maybe they're: 


- Unrealistic

- Unsustainable 

- Too restrictive 

- Too complicated 


Maybe it's because:


- We don't factor in stress 

- Health instead of aesthetics 

- We don't really know why we're doing something  

- Our mindset doesn't change 

- We don't know how to break a bad habit 

- We see the diet as a short term fix to a problem 

- We use healthy eating as a punishment 


Look, I've been a nutrition and gut health specialist for over 10 years now and the reasons people don't succeed in diets is all of the above. 

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The diet industry is filled with absolute nonsense when it comes to health, fitness and losing weight. 


I'm sick of seeing these absolute dumpster fire diets that promise you'll "Drop 15 Pounds In 20 Days". 


Enter Call Bullsh*t On Your Diet (Plan) which is so much more than just a diet plan. 


The Call Bullsh*t On Your Diet (Plan) focuses on: 


- Gut health 

- Exercise

- Sleep

- Mindset 

- Goal setting 

- Habits 

- Accountability 

- Stress management 

- Annnnd the list goes on.


I created this plan because I want to get to the root cause of health issues and help people build a foundation that makes sense to them. 

The plan includes:


- A diet plan (obviously) 

- Daily emails that will provide goals, additional information and help with accountability 

- Access to the Get Your Sh*t Together Membership page which has 

  • Accountability posts 

  • Additional resources 

  • Access to directly message me 

  • Access to weekly Q&As with me 

  • Access to the monthly webinars that I will host LIVE

  • Access to a discounted LUV Fitness membership for all your exercises 



I've made this so you don't feel alone. 


Are you ready to Call Bullsh*t On Your Diet

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