Get Your Sh*t Together is a program that promises to help you

hit targets faster, work more efficiently, be fitter, happier, healthier than you've ever been in your life and, of course, 

get your sh*t together literally and figuratively. 

It includes:

BI-MONTHLY CALLS - via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp

ACCOUNTABILITY - mental/physical exercises to keep you going outside of our sessions






Get Your Sh*t Together Program looks at the four main pillars of your life: 

  • Physical Health 

  • Mindset 

  • Business 

  • Personal life 

Stress can change every single one of those areas. The GYST program is designed to ensure that all those areas are covered. 



  • Bi-Monthly Calls- via Zoom

  • Accountability - Exercises to keep you going outside of our sessions

  • 24/7 Support

  • Business Strategy

  • Customised Diet Plans

  • Additional Resources 



Director and Business Development 

"Katie has a very pragmatic approach. I travel a lot and was being ground down by constantly changing routines and wanted to take action. I had identified 3 areas that I wasn’t happy with, my sleep, my nutrition and my exercise which dovetailed nicely with her approach. With these as a key base, we were able to explore other issues that were being thrown up along the journey. 

I found weekly Skype calls the ideal communication medium as I could speak wherever I was in the world and it forced me to consider myself once a week. The weekly calls provided a great opportunity to review a week and make a routine for week ahead, and set goals.  Katie does not expect and want you to become superhuman and creates achievable goals. She has given me the tools to ensure that I can maintain good mental health and general wellbeing. I can’t recommend her approach highly enough."



"Owning and running a company can at times be very rewarding, but of course also highly demanding - finding a balance to look after myself personally, whilst operating and growing the business, is an ongoing task, on which Katie has had a hugely positive influence.


Her experience and knowledge that spans health and wellbeing, stress and anxiety management, and the particular demands of working life, has allowed her to dial right into the heart of my daily challenges, and offer logical, constructive and proactive advice, guidance and planning that results in real tangible benefits.


As the value goes, engaging Katie has been the best investment I have made.” 



"I have worked with Katie for over 6 months now and I can honestly say that she is the best coach that I have ever had.  She is both direct and pragmatic mixed with expert knowledge of her field.  During our time together, Katie has been a huge support to me when dealing with both my personal and professional challenges and offers and thorough programme structure that allows her clients to work at their own pace to deal with their own things.  


For me, however, the most impressive trait of Katie’s is being there for her clients no matter what the time or the place.  Whether it’s a simple text or call, Katie always answers and tries to help.  I would highly recommend Katie to anyone who has struggles dealing with their anxiety."



"Katie's program is legendary. I suffered from stomach / digestive issues, for 17 years, seen 13 doctors + 3 specialists. I have gotten endoscopies, ultrasounds, and even a biopsy.  No results. After 4 sessions with Katie, I actually saw results, for the first time ever in my entire life. 


She holds me accountable and takes no bullshit. She gives her heart and soul to her clients, and most importantly, means the best.  Katie takes a customised approach to her coaching, and the results are real. 100% recommend. "

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