Can you Fix Burnout With just your diet?

How Diet Was Only 10% Of My Problem

Let's get one thing straight before I start this blog. I truly believe in a healthy diet. I believe that nutrition has a HUGE impact on health, so this blog is in no way me saying, "You can eat whatever you like and nothing bad will happen!".

I wanted to clarify that before I dive into "How Diet Was Only 10% Of My Problem".

This blog begins with a story of when I was just a child in diapers.

I have always seemed to have digestive issues. However, when I was little, my parents noticed that any time I ate dairy my stomach would become upset. So they took all dairy products out of my diet. Simple, huh?

My stomach did get a little better from all accounts told by my parents. However, they did mention it didn't fix all my issues.

As the years progressed so did my digestive issues.

As a teenager, I literally lived off Imodium just so I could go to school.

After signing up for a year ten health class, I decided that my diet needed some work. I was eating a constant stream of fast food, candy, chips etc. After a few classes, I decided to overhaul my diet. I started eating a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and only drinking water.

For a teenager, I thought that was a pretty healthy diet. However, this didn't help with my digestive issues. I was still heavily reliant on Imodium and this continued for years.

In my early twenties I started to eliminate foods from my diet as a way to manage my digestive issues. I wanted to experiment with different foods to see if it would have an impact.

This was the first step I took that led me to an incredibly restrictive diet.