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Get Your Sh*t Together with Nick Phillips

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Hearing about Health and Fitness over and over can get boring.

Fortunately, with Nick Phillips from Luv Fitness, boredom is hard to find.

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Katie 0:05

Alright guys. Hi to everyone. This is the Get Your Sh*t Together Live Show and I am here with the ever-wonderful, Nick from Luv Fitness. How are you going?

Nick 0:17

I'm doing really well. I'm excited about this because this is like a new platform that I'm just like, my eyes are everywhere at the minute. So yeah, I'm awesome Katie!

Katie 0:27

That's awesome! So for those of you who are watching, Nick and I are going to be talking about the health and fitness industry, because hey, it is a massive topic. But before we jump into that, a couple of things, always add your comments, make sure you're asking questions. If you want to know a little bit about what we're talking about you want to chime in, ask a question to Nick or I just do it like we can say that will pop it up or ask your questions as we go along. But realistically, we're going to have a really good understanding about what's happening in the health and fitness industry. Me, as a nutritionist, Nick, with the fitness background, gonna answer your questions and go with it. But Nick, introduce yourself, my friend, let everyone know who you are.

Nick 1:09

I'm Nick from Luv Fitness Studios (has it frozen?)

Katie 1:13

Just a little bit, but I think it'll kick back in and get back in.

Nick 1:17

I should just roll lots (that's a really weird picture there). What is going on? Let me just try and do this. No, let's just roll with it.

Katie 1:31

Just roll with it because it will pull. If for those of you that those of you on LinkedIn, you have a very awesome view of Nick. But for those of you who are listening on the podcast, you're gonna you're not gonna have any idea of what we're talking about. But that's okay. No, you'll be fine. So introduce yourself to the world, Nick.

Nick 1:49

Okay, so my name is Nick Phillips. I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years now. And I've been a personal trainer. And when we first got qualified as a PT, there wasn't a lot of personal trainers around. I'm from Manchester. And there wasn't a lot of personal trainers around there wasn't a lot of gyms that had personal trainers. So I decided once I got qualified to move over to London, and really learn my craft, about how how to do personal training. I felt like that was the place to be. My first gym that I worked in, in. In London, we moved to a place called stratum Hill, which is right near Brixton, very rough, very, very rough. And we were on a trial in there on the I think it was the second night of actually working. I saw someone get knocked out in the weights area.

Katie 2:39


Nick 2:39

There was an argument and two guys went out and just saw some guy got knocked out and I thought, you know what, this is not the place I need to be. So then we went back to his leisure jobs then, and lots of leisure jobs and I job came up for a gym in a place called Kensington. So it was David Lloyd Kensington, and 36 people went for the job and luckily I got that job and I had the best time of my life learning my craft as a personal trainer working in Kensington. It was absolutely amazing. And every week I was going off learning different things. So one week I'll be in learning kettlebells, learning how to swing kettlebells around one week I'll be at CrossFit. I'd be learning your snatches and you clean and jerks and one week was at boxing so it's just I really learned my craft as a personal trainer. So I did six years working for David Lloyd at Kensington the flagship. Absolutely loved it. Brilliant time and then flying wonderful one personal trainer there week, every month after month, and one day I got a phone call remember exactly where I was. It was a Sunday afternoon. I got a phone call. It was my brother who has a lot of distress. And he said your dad's died. He'd gone out walking in the Lake District. Yeah, they gone walked in the Lake District and I got shivers right now and my, my dad was was healthy. He was he was actually my step dad, but my real. My real biological dad left us at the age of three said he was going on business and never came back. And so Dr. John Phillips, my stepdad he classified as my real dad brought us up. So yeah, I've got the phone call while I was in my flight in London. And yeah, my whole life just literally like every saves healthy was a GP, you had a little bit of red wine. But one thing that it was Katie, he was extremely stressed. He was so stressed he was this beautiful, beautiful person. And but he never ever wanted to upset anyone. So he never wanted to. I know I'm going to try and do it. And he never wanted to upset anyone. So he kept everything inside. He kept everything inside to the point that he'd never share his worries basically. So we just like to stress or at the age of 50. It killed him.

He starts at really young age that's really young. (We might get you back!)

I've got this fancy dancy camera that doesn't work like the best on the market and it's a pile of crap. So yeah, so I moved back to Manchester just to look after my mum because she's really struggling with my mum, my dad were like inseparable. They were just like, they'd like my mom would even want to go away on holiday with the girls because she didn't want to be away from the dad there was. So my brother was in the RAF. My mom was really struggling. I moved back to Manchester thinking, look, I leave my clients in London, I say I say I'll be back. I'll be back a couple of months. I'll be back. So I was replying to all the, to all of the trainers that just look after my clients. I'm coming back. I'm headed-- I was as I was in a really bad way. I turned to alcohol. I've always had a bit of a problem with alcohol, I think. I turned to drugs. And I remember one night after being back in Manchester, I literally spent my whole day in the pub with number of mates. I wasn't eating. I was taking steroids at the time, I was sniffing cocaine. And I got home and I couldn't sleep I was that way I'd been in a pub all day and down literally a bottle of Night Nurse. I don't know if you've ever heard of Night Nurse. And it knocked me out completely knocked me out. And I remember waking up in the middle of the night with him when he felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach. And it was just my body literally couldn't handle all these toxins that was going in. My mom had to ring an ambulance. And this is the kind of shit I was putting on some home after she just lost the soul like a soul mate. You know what I mean? (yeah) The ambulance came, they took me away. And the doctor spoke to me. I remember it clearly obviously a little bit fuzzy. But the doctor, the doctor saw me I didn't have to go on a drip or anything. But I was in a migraine. He just he just he could sell out a bit on steroids. I was in great shape. (Yeah.) He just said your dad wouldn't want this. And I he had a bit of a stiff chat to me. And I remember sat middle of the night waiting for a taxi looking up at the stars and thought I need to get my sh*t together. I need to get my sh*t together. So that next day, I started getting back in the gym or getting back to the gym. And there was a gym close by a total fitness and I was I was going in there and I was just training. I was getting myself back in the zone. And then I met a girl that I knew actually from school she was a year below me. And I've been asking her out a few times, me being cocksure of myself. Next time I'm back from London, let me take you for a drink because you're just like, "no" was chatting and she just been traveling. She'd been to America with a friend and we're I was on one bike and she was about five bikes. On the other side. I got chatting to him. We just jelled we just got on. I said I think I texted her on. I think it was Facebook. Then I text on Facebook. I said you let me tell you for that drink. And then yeah, that was it. We went to TGI Fridays, and this is Louise I'm talking about this is this is like my soul mate now and everything happened very fast. So we've me still saying I'm going to go back to London. I didn't I moved in with Louise like literally within a couple of weeks before that she had like a little two or two down house with a big garage I turned the garage into a boxing gym because that was like I was really into boxing at the time. (Yeah.) So yeah, so I turned the garage into a bit of a boxing gym. I'd invite my mates down and we'll do some boxing. The neighbors weren't very happy. And then we'd even we didn't even open up the garage the back thing and we'll do sparring in this like backstreet. So people walk around the corner with a dog and see two grown men going for it. I thought, wow, I need to get me on Jimmy I need to do something so I outgrew the garage.

And then I started looking for a space. And then from there, we built up a gym. We started off as boxing gym. And from that we realized that the target audience with the boxing gym, it was just where we were just attracting loads of gypsies. It just wasn't great. So I ended up getting rid of the boxing ring and going more down the route of weights. And so we went down the route of weights and we were one of the first in Manchester to put astroturf down and prowlers in there. (Wow.) Yeah, we were one of the first to do all that. I mean, my I actually copied my mate who was--- he copied Joe Franco from the states with the M and L guys. So he copied them and then I copied and so we were the first and like like every gym now has got astroturf or prowlers and battle ropes and all that but we were really the first to doing that. So we're talking nine years ago, so we're doing that and then we put a lot of the sort of the rigs in there so we we built it we probably Katie built it up too fast. Why we really did we like I remember working long nights and like we started with nothing. We had a tiny investment of five grand and we just built up memories all around the country buying little bits of kit and but you know what? That was the magic and I feel like all the way up to 2019 I'd already thought I built this this this this gym up and it was a great gym we had, like I say we had boxing we had spinning we our weights we had personal trainers there, but when it got to 2019 I really thought I built this up, Dawn, I'm a bit bored. I had a great community, but I just thought I'm a bit bored or when when COVID hit. I was already ready. I was already right, what's the next stage for me? And I never looked back and I went fully online.

So that's what I really wanted to talk about. Because if you look at the industries that were the hardest hit during lockdown, hospitality, fitness, obviously other industries as well. But fitness is a big one looking at yourself. So you've built this amazing gym where there's like, battle ropes, there's astroturf. There's people doing sleds there's people probably able to do boxing and all that kind of stuff. And you've been building this for nine years after a really horrible experience from your family. And obviously I've met Louise she's absolutely amazing. So I can I can understand how you guys built that up. And so when lock down hit it kind of just pushed you into doing online it kind of forced your hand a little bit. Is that is that what happened? Or were you already doing a bit of online with your with your clients?

It's funny actually. It's funny how it happened. And I genuinely do feel I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. And it happens so many times so many times. And even to the point. What happened with my dad, like everything does sort of happen for a reason. And when we did go into full lockdown, we were actually camping at the time and we took the boys camp we've got two beautiful boys and we got a boxer dog and we took them camping was March last year 2020. Boris came on, he said right all leisure must close. And we were like shit, but we'd already been sober for about a year. Now if it was the old Nick that was drinking we would've just got pissed. Just me and Louise who's got absolutely pissed and not knowing what to do the next day we would have gone back but because we were sober. And because we were on fire as soon as Boris said lockdown, I was straight onto a live with my tribe, all the people that Jim said, "Look, don't you worry," it says "you will not go short with a day of training." And basically what we did from literally we came back from camping early and it was glamping. It was nice, it had a fire in there and a hot tub. It was proper camping. We came back the next day we were supposed to be this this he announced it on the Friday we were supposed to be there til the Monday we came back on the Saturday morning, and straight away, we started putting things into place. We opened up the doors of the gym and said right guys, we'll put packs together. So you guys can take dumbbells from the gym. You can take plates and weights and mats and whatever you need. And I'm going to go start live from Monday morning, delivering awesome classes, so I had to figure it out. And the reason why I went fully online I was actually watching something I don't love this guy. I think he does some good stuff into some some stuff that gets right on my nerves. But anyway, I met a guy called Ryan Rose from London Real and he basically I just watched a short video and I think it's like the next day he said the future is digital. And that's all I had to hear. That's all I had to hear. And everyone was saying to me, "You're mad, you're mad it's not gonna happen you'll be locked down for a week, two weeks, two weeks," and I said this will change business for like normally fitness because you'll always get Jim shark crew the gym guys will always find a gym as soon as their doors open, the gyms will be open and there'll be packed out it's the people that are sat behind the screens or people that are actually a little bit scared of joining the gym because their conscious of being the fittest. Their conscious of being a little bit out of shape. Their conscious of all these bits there's so many people out there that are out there at that stage and I speak to them on daily basis and they try and over complicate things I start with this. That's why I've got a ball award something---

Put your slogan in, what do you tell people to do?

Drink your f*cking water!

Katie 13:57

I freaking love it. Absolutely love it. No, that's awesome. Um, the other thing is as well that I've noticed with this lockdown, and a lot of people when I spoke pre lockdown, obviously I talk a lot about the nutrition aspect. I always talk about fitness. But I don't have a fitness background as an a PT or anything like that. But a lot of the time, one of the biggest arguments or the biggest issues or the biggest hurdles to overcome for a lot of people, especially with full time jobs and young kids is I don't have time, I don't have time to get to the gym to do that hour class. I don't have time to be able to like go out and do an additional thing. But what I really love about what you've been able to do, you've brought it all inside. So you've got 30-minute, 40-minute workouts that people can do and they don't have that additional time having to go to the gym, finding childcare, all that kind of jazz. You've got it all there which I think is actually really good enough. Something that I personally personally have loved is actually not having that. Saving time going to the gym like yeah, no I'll go back to the gym and the gym is open like I am a bit of a I'm a bit of a gym rat. So I go to the gym. But I have really enjoyed being able to go, you know what, I've been really busy. Let's just smash out a 20-minute workout or a 30-minute workout and then get my day going. And it's so good for the brain. It's so good for the body. And it's something that's really important. But one of the biggest things and I think we all have heard this the reasons why a lot of people struggle with their fitness is the motivation piece. So how have you been able to like keep that motivation up? Have you had a lot of pushback from your, from your tribe? Have you had you know, people going I don't have the time, I don't really want to do this right now. This lockdown actually came out and said that pretty much people are over at the less motivated, they're less likely to do exercise, they're less likely to do the hobby. So have you managed to sort of keep that motivation up other than having a wicked setup, which everyone's sort of mentioning on LinkedIn right now.

Nick 15:47

Oh, thank you. And so so for me, and it always been this exercise is such a small part of what we do. It's all about the way the exercise makes you feel and like I say to my guys every 6am, 7am, 9:30am, I says the most important thing you are going to do this this session now is drink at least a liter of water. Because we've just gone through a night's sleep, dehydrating, we just breathe it out, all our toxins, and we're sweating. We need to hydrate and that's the thing when I am not a nutritionist, I've been in the fitness industry for 15 years. Nutritionists should do their job, personal trainers should do their job. Yeah, 100%. And I, like I say that really gets under my skin that they bring out these silly diets. You don't learn nutrition on it on a on a personal training course. And I did the proper personal training course that not saying no, I'm not saying it's proper, like the ones that are now. But my mind was the diploma that you had to be there for four weeks, and it was intense. Oh, sorry, three and a half months, it was intense. Stay there and you have to learn everything. So for me, the exercise bit is a tiny bit. I am all about setting your day up, being accountable for yourself, get yourself booked into a live class. On behind me here there's a 70-inch screen. So the way we do our sessions, it's very interactive. So we're teaching you how to squat. We teach you how to do proper presses, we teach you how to do a shoulder press and push press. Because we know we know how important is, but like I say that we've got five hacks. The most important thing that we do is the hydration and then getting out getting some steps in so the exercise is such a small thing I encourage anyone that has got not got motivation is go for a good walk. Put something positive on in your ears, listen to some amazing podcasts or audiobooks or clubhouse or whatever your jam is, but get them endorphins going. (Yeah!) A little bit you time like I say the exercise is amazing. And that's a part of our hack as well as do some sort of resistance training. But once you get them endorphins kick in once you get them healthy habits going every single day. And yes, it's gonna be tough setting the alarm a little bit early because we don't need to be up ready to go to the office but you're going to save so much time by rolling out of bed and get yourself in front of the screen get yourself set up making sure you got your aqua making sure you've got your an awesome training session. We always play uplifting, powerful music will play anything from techno to r&b to to reggae, like every all our music is got meaning behind it to get the best version of yourself. So a lot of people say oh, that that that song took me back to my dad in the car and like do you know what I mean because that's (Yeah.) music and that's the thing with Luv Fitness Studios, it's it's the music, it's we've obviously got the lights we've got we've got all----

It's a wicked setup, not gonna lie like it is a wicked setup. For those people who are listening on the podcast. You gotta Google Luv Fitness Studios and check it out because it's really wicked.

I'm an ex clubber. I'm an ex clubber. So I was going to Cream, Gatecrashers. I love all that. So I went to even when we had the gym, we had 30 tracks, thirty spin bikes, it was all laser lights, it was all that sort of tackle, because I want that same endorphin kick. (Yeah), going out, having a night out listening to music, but having it in a healthy way now, which is nice is endorphins instead of pills or anything else. So yeah, so that's what we've done with the studio, which you can see behind me, it's all lights is all so we try and create that when you're watching us on the screen. If we're doing a fast class, like a boxing, or a shred class, you're engaging in the music's pumping. I'm constantly giving you these little positive vibes about you can do this. You're absolute rockstars. And that's it. So for me, it's more about a feeling things than the actual exercise like exercise. Anyone can download a YouTube class and do any classes, which is brilliant. But I want to try and educate people more about the reasons why we do it and being the best version of yourself. So like I say that that's that's it and it's tough to answer your question. It's tough to motivate everyone.


We've really got a touch in the why people do it.

Why are you showing up, like, what's your purpose, and every single person in that room is going to have a different why, something that I always talk about with the nutrition aspect, because that's the other side, right? So I talk about diets, and I talk about how to how to help people with their nutrition, which I've been doing for over 10 years, myself, the first job I had, I worked at a gym, as a nutritionist talking about how to help people lose weight, how to manage diabetes, how to, you know, all of those, all those different types of things. But the biggest thing it came down to was, Why are you here? Why do you want to lose weight? And you'd always get the stock standard, oh because I want to look good for summer, I want to I want to be slim. I want to be around for my kids. And that was a stock standard answer that I would get not saying that, you know, it'd be around for your kids. But the issue that that always happens is that motivation is there for about two to three weeks. The motivation is fleeting, right? So how I guarantee I'm putting this out to LinkedIn right now, like how many of you have said, You know what, I'm going to go for a run tomorrow, and then not before you're like super motivated, you're really excited to go and then what happens, you wake up, your alarm goes off, and then in the morning, you're like, I'm just gonna press snooze. We've all done it. We've all had really good intensions

I've got a hack for that. I've got a hack for--- my hack is 54321, I took it from I can't remember the name of can't remember is it also one, but literally, when you get a little bit of negativity, and you can because I get up early, I get up at 10 to four every single day, I'm not---

Seen you on Instagram----

I'm not trying to do any of this five 5am malarkey. I am just literally having that hour to myself, me and my dog and my boxer dog just to really focus on ourselves. So I have a little hack where I literally if I'm ever feeling like that, it's just one 54321 and just make that move. If I needed to splash cold water in my face, and just get going because I know that power of that hour in the morning is still puting, you're getting puting your if you're on an airplane, putting your oxygen mask on before you help anyone else. I need that hour, just to literally focus on what I've got. And this morning. I mean, I've been having some really deep podcast recently talking about a lot of things that have brought things up in the past and really deep thing, and I just woke up this morning, I didn't even need my alarm. And I just woke up on how grateful I am deep to be alive, to be alive. To see my little dog with his tail wagging. Like, you know, I mean, just as little bits like that. So I would you just that why for me, my dad, my dad died at 58 I'm 48, 12 years time, do you know what I mean, like, my why is just I want to be the best version of myself, I want to show it for all my my tribe and make sure all my guys get the best experience they can. And that's it, you've got to know your WHY because you've got to know why you want to lose weight.

It's got to be more powerful. So when I talk about why and I'm sure I'll be curious to see if you talk about your why like this, your why has to have that emotive response that drives you to actually action, what you're going to do, whether it's get out of bed in that moment. And you actually said the 54321 is actually science behind that actually work. So when you do 54321, you're automatically like your body's already automatically primed to act. So it's actually a really good, that's actually really good one for anyone that's listening, that's actually a really good tip. So write that down the 54321 is really big.

Do you know where it's from?

Katie 23:15

Mel Robbins.

Nick 23:16

Boom, that's the one. Yeah!


I would recommend listening to her TED Talk. She was really good. It was a really good TED talk, you highly recommend the TED Talk. But there's a lot of science behind it that actually sort of Prime's, your body into actioning straightaway, which is really important. But um, your lovely wife has just commented saying self discipline is really important. And I agree right? The self discipline part is really important. But it also comes down to your to your why like your why is super important on why you're actually doing anything, if you're actually just sitting there saying and I always say this, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds Why? Like why do you want to lose 10 pounds? What does that actually mean to you? I don't care what it means to society, what would that mean to you? Is it Do you want to change how you're feeling? Do you want to change how you're living? Are you not enjoying? You know, getting up late not feeling motivated, feeling tired? Is that why you want to do it like it's so important to be able to understand all those you're understanding things and it has to be personal right? Like your why is super important. My why for why I do and why I created Get Your Sh*t Together is because I've burned out twice. I have suffered from stress and anxiety majority of my life my childhood was pretty pretty chaotic at times. And a lot of the reasons why I do that. I'm not alone. People have had hard hard hard things happen they use stress and alcohol as fuels to get them through their day and it's just not productive. And I mean for me, I was breaking out and cold sores across my face. I had sore joints I had digestive issues, and I never want anyone to feel the way I felt was one of the biggest things yeah.

Yeah, sorry--every time I ever get stressed. It's only happened to me a few times once was when my dad died. And once was to do with the gym. My voice went completely. (Yeah.) I just could not speak. I yeah. So what was that? What is that just pure stress.

Katie 25:13

So you get the distressed.

Nick 25:14

So, I actually had a really similar experience when I first moved. When I first moved here I actually it was really just a stressful situation I had laryngitis for a week, it was the worst week of my life, probably the best way for my fiance's life, not gonna lie where I couldn't speak. But it was really, really stressful and our body will react to our stress. So there is a big body of work coming out about when you're stressed out, your body will show it up because stress isn't just a mental health issue, right? It's a physical health issue, we our body will show us what's going on, especially if it's chronic stress, a long term stress, our body shuts down. So what happens is, an immune system gets lowered and allows a lot of bugs in when we're really stressed out. And then our body doesn't know how to fight it. And then when we do finally fight it, we can, it comes out, you know, our body will fight a bit we can become really, really sick, you can lose your voice, you can get digestive health issues, can get inflamed inflammatory issues, autoimmune diseases, things like that, they can all come out about the stress. So a lot of the times when someone comes to me with a health issue, I have to ask the question, I was like what's going on in your home life? Like what's going on at work? Like, where's your stress levels that and really dive into that? Because a lot of the a lot of the things that are going on with that person can stem down to stress and we've got to look at that. So that's, that's how I look at it. But yeah, if you lose your voice every time you're stressed, it's usually your body going, Hey, like warning sign putting my hand up saying please give me a bit of a break. Obviously, that was a different experience for you. But yeah,

Yeah, yeah.

So that's that.

Um, but no, I think I love the focusing on the why I think that that's really important. And especially, my biggest thing is your why has to be personal. That's the only thing I know, I've repeated myself a couple of times, but I think it's really important. (Yeah.) So I'm sure your like for me, like I've been in the health and fitness and nutrition industry for like, over 10 years, I set up my business when I was a wee lass of 20 years old, I think I was still at university. And I've got to say, there's a lot of crap in the industry when it comes to health fitness tips hacks. You know, I know that you've got your five hacks, your five hacks are actually very reasonable. But what are some of the things that you've heard in the health fitness and health and wellbeing industry that you're just like, Oh, that makes me cringe every time

There's loads and I mean, you only have to scroll through Instagram now and just see how many sort of personal trainers are out there and how many---not even chances I'd say just like literally, they've just got a little qualification and now all of a sudden expert and I think it's that I mean, that's the only thing that really gets under my skin. And I know I've learned to just deal with it. Because I mean, as in all industries, I always comes out and I just think that the best bit of advice I could give to any personal trainer or anyone that that's wanting to get in the fitness industry is just just learn learn your craft and don't rush it just enjoy. Yeah, don't don't like if you want to build a, Will Smith saying, but if you're going to build a wall don't go around telling everyone you're going to build the biggest baddest best wall in the world. Just lay out first brick perfectly do the same thing the next day and before you know you're gonna have a beautiful wall. And that's a it's like everyone tries to rush it everyone's like to get the qualified. And so that's the only thing I'm sure it's the same with nutrition where your side and I like when we first spoke I said to you I don't get involved with nutrition at all because that's not my area. And I think there's a lot of that as well with personal trainers like pushing fad diets pushing shake diets. I don't know, do you not? I mean, I try now to delete any shit that's on my, on my Instagram feeds. I just try and like as soon as I see I just you and they've been positive for us. So boom, gone.

Katie 29:10

Yeah, like, I think the nutrition element for me is, you know, is is hard because I see a lot of crap. There's a lot of crap online. People peddling, this is the most perfect diet for you, you'll lose 30 pounds overnight. You know, the it's like the charlatans, the snake oil people that you know, we're trying to sell you things if it's too good to be true. It probably is. It's probably it's probably not, it's not good at all. So one of my biggest things with the nutrition industry is just the amount of crap that gets put out that's not regulated. And I think that that's the hardest thing. And when we're talking about fitness, we're talking about nutrition, and we're talking about people's health. We've got in my opinion, we've got to be a little bit more careful about the information that we're that we're giving. And the other thing that I hate, like I'm just gonna put this out there like I hate when people say that this is the perfect thing to do for every single person in the planet. No, there's no one perfect way what works for you might not work for me what works for me might not work for you. So figuring out what works for you, that's sustainable. That's the biggest part. Right? And I could I imagine you would agree that fit the stuff that comes out with the fitness industry, a lot of it isn't sustainable. You know, we spoke about this, I think it was in a podcast that we did together a week or two ago, which was the, you know, the the bodybuilding industry and that kind of stuff. There's a lot of misinformation that comes out about that, you know, those bodies, those fitness models, those doing that type of exercise I've done to cons myself, and I've got to say to do that. It's not realistic, it's not sustainable. I was working out hours a day, and I wasn't eating a lot of calories. And I felt like crap, did I look good? Sure! But I felt like crap, it wasn't sustainable. So when you see these people on Instagram that are completely ripped that, uh, you know, the, you know, they've got veins everywhere, that that might be realistic for them, because that's their life. That's their job, but it might not be realistic for you. And I think that that's something that grinds my gears a bit.

Nick 31:04

100% and that's the thing. It's like, you've got to think, if that's what you're striving for. I remember when I did a white collar boxing fight, and I felt like I had to get I battled with food all my life. I think it all stems back to when we were children. We weren't really allowed. I think I had a bit of trauma from my real dad buggering off. But we weren't really allowed in our house, McDonald's, we weren't allowed chocolate. We weren't allowed crisps. So as soon as I was allowed to go to the shop, by myself, we five pound in my pocket, I would go and it was like a candy shot. Like it was like, wow, look all this food. So I would just literally eat a pie as I get as much food as I could with my two pound five pound whatevs. And I'd eat it all on the way home. And I'll be hiding the wrappers all over the place. Because it was I was told that I can't have that for so long. So I had about I had a problem away and then I piled it all on. And then I got to the age of where I started getting interested in girls. And then I decided to stop myself and I thought it'd be a great idea just to neck ephedrine, and smoke cigarettes and not eat and I remember getting to the stage where I stood up, I'd like faint and I like. And I'll do loads of cardio. So when I trained for this boxing event I was I was living on cuppa soup with vegetables in it and a slicer turkey and I was running out of---

My little nutritionist heart is just beating out of its chest right now!

I'd run and I even my trainer said What you doing? I run around the streets of Whitefield with bin bags on and sweat out and sweat it all out. And I've got myself that drained that when I did this white qualifier I took it like I was fighting for the white right for World Championship. I was that drained when I got to it. But then I was back to that as well because that starved myself for so long. And literally I remember Saturday night is going to total fitness and just putting the headphones on bin bags on and treadmill with a loaded ephedrine in my system. As soon as that as soon as they're done, the fire looked absolutely I'll send you a picture I will shred is probably the only time I looked absolutely shredded. But as soon as that happened, I just went into a spiral out like that felt really low. And then I just started binge eating and drinking as much share. I remember go I remember straightaway I have to come out of that fight, drain. Absolutely zapped I drew it I'd even win the fight we had a draw is a great scrap. First thing I did was a next a pint of beer. First thing I did. And then I just went on a strip massive big binge. And then after all that training and all that and all that starving myself and getting myself to that shape to then go straight the other way. I just heard loud I must have been depressed. I must have felt that shit after that. So yeah, I was I was shredded. I add the apps I added, but I wasn't happy. I was probably the most depressed I've ever been. You know, you've got to know what you reason why and what like when you get there. You're going to be happy when you get there. Is that is that going to be? And I think nine times out of 10 it will be searching for

Yeah, no, I agree with that. I think that there is that I think there's an absolutely big push for looking perfect, but it usually makes you feel pretty crappy. Like my, like I said, when I did my fitness modeling, I you know, the first time I did it, I went on stage with the shingles. Like I had the shingles. So high five me like I put my body through so much stress, starved myself all that kind of jazz just to get into that peak, physical, physical, you know, element and I ended up with the shingles the first time around the second time, I had a whole range of health issues that came out of it. And everyone was it was so annoying cuz everyone's like, Oh my god, you look so fantastic. Like, look how good you look. And in my head, I'm like, I really just want a burger right now and I just I just Just want to eat some food, like I want to be able to go and enjoy my food. And this is the biggest thing when it comes to nutrition, you have to be able to enjoy it. Like one of the biggest things that I find really challenging with some of the diets that get peddled, it's not realistic for long term, it doesn't take into consideration that people might want to go out for dinner with their family, or they might have a have a weekend away, and they might slip up a little bit. But the thing is, with a diet and exercise piece, I actually think that there are two elements. But the biggest element that you need to have a really strong foundation is the mindset piece, you need to have the why you need to have a good understanding about your bad habits, how those created, what good habits do you want to create. And this is the other thing, I hate it when I say diet, and I hate it when I say fitness exercises, which make you overhaul your whole life in one go in one fell swoop, it doesn't make sense. It's not realistic, it's not reasonable. So you know, I work with Type A corporate professional. So they'll come to me going, I wake up, I go to sleep at like midnight, I wake up at six, so they sleep deprived, maybe they haven't slept enough, and their diets really crappy, they haven't exercised for five years. And they're like, as of tomorrow, I'm going to go to bed at 9pm, I'm going to wake up at 5am I'm gonna go for a run, my diet is going to be on point I'm going to meditate for you know, two hours in the morning, I'm going to I'm going to do all these things.

Katie 36:20

But you look at it's like, that's great, you're gonna do it for a couple of days, but you're not going to be able to do it. The overhauling part is not realistic, and it's not sustainable. So if there's anyone saying overhaul your life just... No, it doesn't work like that this it's not sustainable. You have to meet yourself where you're at, like where you are today is where you have to start not where you want to be in 10 years time or 10 weeks, 10 years, 10 months, I don't care. You have to go back to where you are not where you want to be. And actually go well how do I get there, that's the biggest thing that I look, I find that really frustrating in the in the health and nutrition industry to actually talk about, you know, it's taking you however many years to get to where you are right now and you want to or you want to overhaul and you want to transfer everything over overnight. That's not gonna work.

Nick 37:05

Yeah, slow and steady, slow and steady and just consistent.

Consistency, yeah.

That is the key. That is the key. And like I say just ke-- You don't need to overcomplicate this. It's not complicated. It's like I say just do the small little steps every single day. And if you want to have that pizza, like my boys, now, I we don't say to him, you can't have that chocolate, we don't say you can't have that McDonald's, we just let them know that that food is not going to power up we give him like pie Friday in our house today. And they can have a better chocolate, they can have a bit of popcorn. But they do understand that power food, avocados, olives, all this good stuff. Wild fish is going to give you the power, they know that that's powerful, even to the point and we don't preach it because obviously I've got this damage from from a childhood. But I listen to a recording that month, my three four year old did on the iPad, and he was talking about healthy food. And he was just talking about healthy food to himself. And he recorded himself and he's only four. But they do start to understand power food. And like I say like cuz my my my seven year old wants to get good at stronger doing pull ups. So we tell him this, this kind of food is gonna get you strong to do that. Yes, we let them have that little bit of crap, but not all the time. So yeah, it's having that association with food.

The healthy relationship with food, right? It's not about creating rules. And it's not about creating this is good. This is bad. It's about understanding what your goal is that going to get you closer to your goal or is going to get you further away from your goal. And obviously eating junk food and all that kind of stuff occasionally, that's fine. Like I do it. I have pizza. Like I think that's I think that's I think that's delicious. And I will never tell people not to eat pizza. In saying that, like I know that if I ate piece every single day and if I crap every single day, I would feel crap, I know that I wouldn't get what I wanted. And for me my diet and my exercise has to complement how I work I have a really busy, my business is really busy. I work a lot. I'm being able to actually feel my body and my mind. And that's the most important part for me. It's not necessarily the byproduct is how I look. And I think that you know my biggest goal is actually transitioning from how you look into how you feel like that's something that I always want to talk about how do you want to feel? How do you want to wake up? How do you how do you want to live your life like do you want to live it you know feeling crappy or do you actually want to start transitioning over into a healthy lifestyle? It's like alcohol right? Here's a question for you when when did you go Tee-Total?

Tee-Total and why did you go see so so yeah, Tee-Total so alcohol was my best friend when I was ever I was going through a shit time whenever I was celebrating so I'll call for me I did I have a problem. And I was always the one that would be on the second pie when most people are not even drinking the first bit. I was always that used to call me the beer monster when I remember whenever yeah I do. I think there's a lot of people that go all in on a lot of things.

The all-or-nothing mentality. Yeah, that's a huge one.

Yeah, I like. Like I say, I do feel like that that was me. I, I knew I got to the point where I thought, I'm just always gonna drink. My parents drank. And there was always wine on the table. I was I was told as a kid, I'm honest, am I my parents are amazing. My mom's absolutely amazing. And they none of this is negative towards them. But they were like for my child, it'd be going on top was up from the fridge, Jeremy. So as a as a toddler, go and pour them a glass of wine and take it back to them as they're watching telly. And they're amazing people. And this did nothing segue. But I was brought up around that. So I feel like as soon as we were allowed to drink, I was just like straight on it. Yeah. It's interesting, actually, because my brother was born in the same house. He can take alcohol or not he the way it's just the way two different brains work. That's

like my brother. And I like I could take alcohol could leave it. But he had, he drank quite a bit more than I did.

So I suppose that whole parent, like can go out the window. But I suppose it's different for everyone else. But I'll tell you the reason why I stopped drinking. And we had been out for my wife's birthday. I think we'd already been speaking about maybe knocking alcohol. And I had we went out one time over into Manchester. And we went out with a couple of friends. And we got absolutely livid and we're staying. It was a date night for me, Louise, the kids concert grandparents. And we were staying in this beautiful five star hotel in Manchester. And I remember going out and we ended up in this karaoke bar in Chinatown with ease and we were drinking absolutely Shea and then went back to this posh restaurant. And we sat down and the back of the bar man came up to me says, I'm not serving you and alcohol and I was like, Why are you being drunk? And he just gave me a glass of water. And I sort of walked out with my tail between my legs. Woke up in the morning felt absolutely disgusting, wasted. This beautiful hotel. We woke up we drove home fell in sick and I think that was the turning point for me, Louise, we had really bad hunger. But now the next week or the weekend after that, we went out for a walk with went for a beautiful walk. And we stopped in the pub, and I said, Oh God, I just have one pint. So I had that one pint, we stopped off, we bought a really really really expensive nice bottle of red wine because that's the best thing to drink. And that doesn't affect you, you don't get a hangover, and we drank the half bottle of wine. So one pint half a bottle of wine and I woke up the next day. And the kids were there and I couldn't be asked for them. I was like just go and play on your iPad. See what you go to the park. I was like, No, I just want to sit down. And I remember being out on the street with them. And I started to get a bit of a shake just felt a bit anxious it a bit like a shaky. And I think me and Louisa are supposed to move just have one drink on a Saturday night. And then I said Louise, I'm going to have to go and I would get a drink. I'm gonna have to go get a beer and she's like you said you were gonna drink and I just had that one beer and it stopped. It stopped the the anxious feeling. They stopped the anxiety. The next day I woke up I said this is not right. This is not healthy. And it's weird, actually they're back to everything happens for a reason. That week someone had just sent me a book saying check this book out is called the Naked Mind. I don't know if anyone's read it is it's called the Naked Mind. And it's all about alcohol. So that next Monday, I started it and that was it. I just got hooked into this book. And I'd listened to that then I listened to Alcohol Lied To Me then listen to a few more. And I just thought you know what I'll do a week, I'll say I'll get on with a week. And then that went to a month and then it went to two months. And it just took it step by step. Don't worry about them when I speak to people and will over two years. I don't like saying sober because I'd rather drink for two years. But when everyone says to me, I had a conversation with a girl the other day and she says I really want to stop drinking but I'm worried that everyone's gonna think I'm a bore when I'm going out. I'm like, Ah---

That's the hardest one I had the same issue when I stopped drinking in my 20s.

She's, Yeah, she she she's just in---we're bloody locked down. Why are you worried about what people are gonna like when you get out? So it's just like, take it day by day and (yeah), honestly, the best thing I have ever ever done is stop drinking alcohol. Because I just made everything. There's like you turn the headlights on. It's just like made everything just go boom.

Clarity, that mental clarity, right? You don't have that haze you don't have that. Like I actually say alcohol is the thief of joy. Like it really is the alcohol like it really steals from tomorrow. And I think that a lot of people don't understand the impacts that alcohol has on a lot of the times I will always challenge people to stop drinking alcohol. So teetotal, for the people that don't know what teetotal means. I've realized I didn't say that, but teetotal means no alcohol. What I find is if you just focus on the next day or the week something that's within reach, not, I'm not gonna drink for a year because that might not be within range. Just like you know what, I'm not gonna drink for a week. I've have done the week. You know what, I'm going to push it out for the next week. Well, while I'm halfway through the month, now, I might push it up to the next week. Always make sure your goals if you're doing anything, this isn't just alcohol. This has to do with diet, exercise, whatever it is, make sure that goal is within reach. There's a lot of reasons why we need to have those goals within reach. And that's exactly what you did. Right? You said, I'm not gonna drink for a week, well, I feel really great. I'm not going to drink for a month. Well, I'm going to keep this going. Because I'm feeling really good. You broke that bad habit, you stopped that, not dependency, but you stopped that, that you know, that constant cycle of you know a guy or celebrate or get really drunk. And then the next day, you're feeling hung over that I actually chase that you're calling I always used to call them the alcho shakes, or the out the alcohol shakes. Like I was saying, if you're an alcoholic, I was just thinking to say, but it comes with it as well. Like you're sweating, you're anxious, you're trying to figure out what you've said, that's actually really, really common. So this is when a lot of people use alcohol as a stress release. I actually did a another video on this a few weeks ago, but using alcohol as a stress relief, actually, isn't that useful? It's actually not beneficial for you, especially the day after because it can actually heighten that anxiety.

What they say they say even one glass of wine or one beer takes three days to get out of your system. So if you're having a drink by if you're in a drink for a Sunday, you're it's not a system by Wednesday, so you're not going to feel great til Thursday, most people---

You're gonna have a haze.

You are now that's it, is and like I say, if I would listen to myself now, two years ago, three years ago, I will be switching off now I'll be thinking, oh, shut off.

I've lost a few people.

Yeah, and that is a touchy subject. But all I can talk about is my experience with booze. And going from like getting so excited when I knew I was going to have a drink to now realizing that there's so much more to life than then then then drinking and how much time it gives you back. Do you know what I mean? And this Yeah, there's loads of little hacks to do but I think they say get over the first day and then you have these little hurdles. For me it was going to the football with the lads and being told when I'm asking for a lemonade and they're all getting absolutely pissed. But once you've done it once, they don't ask you again now if it blah, obviously we're not down but then he got to the point lemonade for Nick. Yeah. And just, it is what it is.

I mean. I like I haven't ever told this story in public, but I'm gonna do it now. My nickname when I was in my early 20s was booze hound. My nickname when I was in my early 20s was booze hound and they used to call me Katie booze hound Maycock and that's because I used to drink every weekend when I was at university. And I was super little like I was really skinny. But I would hold my liquor and I now look back on that and I remember I remember when I was just like, you know, I'm not going to drink for the next month or two. Like, I just can't do it. My body's hating me I'm not enjoying this I was also nutritionist at the time I felt really ingenuine. And I remember going to my friends I'm not gonna drink from they none of them really thought I could do it. They're just like yeah, alright booze hound and so you see at the pub next week, or whatever it was, but I did it and it was a bit shocking for my friends. I will say that the friend element when you choose not to drink in, you've typically always been in that in that group. With drinking it does become challenging, but your friends will you know, they will support you the ones that are worthwhile keeping anyway will support you with that. And so for me, I I you know, I still occasionally drink every now and then but I don't drink a lot. But yeah, that was in my early 20s my mid not my early, my mid 20s is when I really stopped I'd have massive breaks from alcohol and I remember that was really big transition from my friends and how they perceive me because they always saw me as the girl that would go and drink every weekend and we dance on tabletops and all that kind of stuff

Which you can still do! You can still do!

Katie 48:42

I can dance on table tops completely sober!

Nick 48:44

That's what I mean, people say what are you doing tonight? Oh you just say I'm getting more engaged I get more I go and get like my last Christmas do for the gym. We used to have that we had amazing Christmas dos but with the last one I was completely sober I had a great time and you know I mean there was people stand back a little bit always not drinking but just get yourselves involved just try it make it make it a little challenge yourself can you go to events and have a great time and engage with people not just be absolutely love it but personal experience is the best thing I've ever done.

No, I agree. I've had less that's I can I can attest to that it's been one of a really good thing that I've done. Well I want to do now is I've want to anyone that wants to ask a the Nick or myself. Any questions, I'm gonna open it up to you guys. Write it in the comment section. Like I said, there was gonna be questions and all that kind of stuff. If you have anything you want to ask Nick and I, Nick and I will just continue talking but just chuck in those questions. If you want to know anything, whether it's nutrition wise, whether it's exercise wise, whether it's something that you've heard that you're like, Oh, is that true? Is that is that a bit of a fiction when it comes to the nutrition element or the exercise element? Just pop it in and we can actually answer it. But while those questions do come in, Nick, you actually mentioned your five hacks you talked a little bit about them. Can you list them? Can you actually talk about the five things because I'm all about my biggest thing is in the nutrition and exercise industry is we've overcomplicated things that are very simple. And we've simplified the things that are actually a little bit more complicated. But I want to know your five hacks because they're actually are pretty cool. I've got to say like, I'm on board with this.

Thank you. They're not they're not my hacks. There's just there's just things that we preach to our to our guys. And we teach them to do this every day. And we say it every day to them. So number one is hydration, because I do feel like people back to that overcomplicate things, and then what day should I go and watch it to do should do carb cycling? Or to do backloading? To do keto? How much water have you had today? I haven't had any. Glass, coffee as well, just let's start with water then. So two bottles of this, we try and tell people we always say three liters. But if you hit two, brilliant, so we always aim quite high with it. And and yeah, it's something that I need to work on, as well as these, these little hacks is to be accountable for myself. So hydration is number one. So we always and that's that's proper water as well, making sure that you're drinking at least three liters. Number two easy steps. So at least 10,000 steps a day. And getting out listening to podcasts. I'm all about making sure you're listening to positive stuff and listening to things that are going to inspire step to your level if you like so doing your 10,000 steps a day. And that's really important not only for for, it's great fitness, but it's also great for your mind as well. It's great just to go and see some nature and just if it's raining, put a put a Mac on or get you ready to just get out. Like it's so important. I spend most of my life walking, but when I'm walking as well, I'm speaking to clients, I'm chatting to clients, I'm checking in with people. I'm popping in clubhouse. Yeah, I'm constantly working---

Remind me to come back to the clubhouse, remind me to come back to the clubhouse.

Yeah, oh powerful, that powerful. And that's what I mean. That's why I like that I've been having a lot of these conversations, listen to a lot of this, this deep stuff. And it's really making me just grateful for everything. So number three is do some sort of resistance training or something that's going to get your heart rate through the roof. I know you're big on your, your HIITs. So your your your bursts. And so yeah, just something that's going to get you do do some sort of resistance. And so I'm all about building strong bones, strong ligaments, tendons, joints. And so yeah, so so we preach resistance training. So whether that's with your personal trainer in the gym, or you're following Luv Fitness studios, whatever it is, eat real food. So yeah, just single ingredient foods stuff that's going to power you through the day stuff that's not been made in a factory. And that's that's like back to that what I teach my boys, I like it, like we're talking about food that's been built in the factory of food that's been grown. So they do understand what's the difference between chemical food and real food. So try and eat as much of that real food as you can, we always, I always give myself a bit of dark chocolate every day. And I always stick to that. And at the weekends, we do have a pizza, or we do have a thai or something like that. So Monday to Friday, be as good as you can with real food. And then the last one is get a good night's sleep, make sure you focus in on a good sleep pattern. And because we do it all again the next day, and that's it. So if you as long as you get, and that's something that's an area that I needed to work on as well was sleeping. And it's one of the reasons why I get up very early. Because I used to struggle sleeping as a child as well. I used to not be able to drift off, so maybe not so early that routine. And it helps me It helps me get off to a good night's sleep and get a good decent night's sleep. And also what you listening to. And I remember it's going through a time of listening to a lot of like crime podcasts and stuff like that and it changed my mood! It really did change my mood. So now I listen to a lot of powerful stuff when I'm going to sleep as well and just try and switch off. So that's my five hacks.

Katie 54:00

Yeah, I'm gonna say I agree with all of those. I think that the sleep one is the one that gets a bit lost in my opinion. I think people say the one thing that when we get busy when we get overwhelmed or whatever it is the three things that I always say get lost is diet, exercise, and sleep like we drop all of those things when we get busy when we get overwhelmed when things change, you know, those are the types of those are the types of things sleep is the biggest one that we have to focus on and getting right. Sleep deprivation is going to increase that stress it's going to increase that anxiety it's going to make you less likely to want to exercise you're going to be more inclined to want foods that are going to make you feel energized which is all the sugary and the-- like the the things are going to spike your blood sugar levels so like the carbie types of foods, and I'm not saying you can't eat carbs because potatoes are my best friend. You can always eat carbs, but you don't want to be eating like the really refined sugars that will crave when we're really tired so sleep is actually the biggest thing to the hardest thing to fix for a lot of for a lot of people sleep is out of those three the diet, exercise and sleep, sleep can be the most difficult, the most difficult one to fix. But if you are going outside, you're going and getting that exercise that can actually help you go to sleep as well because it'll help with the mindset. You're getting the sun on you, you're getting the serotonin actually boosted up, you're getting the vitamin D, which is really important, but the sleep element is super, super important. (Yeah) So yeah, I think that you know, all those five hacks is is really reasonable like listening to the podcasts, drink your fucking water, which is my favorite, favorite thing. They don't like, you know, they, you're exactly right. When people come to me, it's like, I need help with my diet. What's the best diet for me to go on? And it's like, well, what are you doing now? It's like, Well, I'm not drinking any water. I'm living on, you know, caffeine. And I'm takeaways. It's like, well, let's just like swap some of those out. Let's Let's like, add some water in there. Let's add some other other foods like real foods in there. And just go slow and steady, right? Like, I think that that's the biggest thing. So that's something that I think's really, really important. All right, Nick. So where can people find you?

Nick 56:03

So we're on Instagram. So everything's spelled this way. LUV fitness studios. So yeah, we're on Instagram. We're on clubhouse.

Oh we're going to talk about the clubhouse I just remembered,

Yeah, we're on. We're on where else are we on? We're on. We're not really on Tik Tok and sort of like, I don't really understand that. But we're, we're new to LinkedIn. We're quite new to the party, LinkedIn. And so um, yeah, so that's a new platform, but we do most of our jam on Instagram. So we do a lot of stuff on Instagram. And we've got private community group, which is LA Fitness studios, community group on Facebook, you're more than welcome anyone to join us. That's where we do morning chats every day as well. The tribe chatting about the wins, the struggles, the hustles. And at the minute, I'm challenging everyone to go and find the biggest hill closest by to them and sprint up or walk as fast as you can 10 times and walk back down and people are just filming it and it's just watching people smiling and pushing them the bodies running up the hill. It just makes me so happy that so so we do a lot of stuff on Facebook in our community group and but yeah, love fitness studios.

Katie 57:12

That's awesome. Just leaping back to clubhouse really, really quickly. I have to say the clubhouse that you brought me into yesterday. That was a super powerful that was a super powerful clubhouse and I would recommend anyone to go check it out. It's meant to what was it? Is it men's mental health?

Nick 57:28

Yeah, so it's run by three lads from Leeds and A Game Consultancy. They're amazing three lads are all called Adam's actually. They're all three Adam's. Well, yeah. They're on the run every morning, Monday to Friday 8am till about 9:30 the minute and it's just it's not a men's club. It's it's open to women.

Katie 57:53

No, I'm a lady, so.

Nick 57:54

So um, you know, why is it that for me? It's been amazing because it really listening to stories. There's a guy on there who's got Parkinson's, who's done I think he's done 10 marathons. He wants to be the first guy to go up Everest with Parkinson's. Incredible, incredible. And then there's Lee, who's a professional fighter. He's just it's just a powerhouse of people. So if you're not on clubhouse, get on clubhouse because there is a lot of crap on there. But there's also a lot of amazing people on there. And it is the like I say that room. You saw the what went on yesterday he was back in again today. And and yeah, it was just so amazing. Just, just to say he said he's gonna commit to going in every single day. And yeah, it's gonna change lives that because the beauty about club houses for me it's a dream because I've got severe dyslexia and I struggle reading and writing so I'm just literally talking to people and talking to people and really getting across with the networking. You can hear in the voice that that you experienced that was was so powerful by the voice and then Patrick stepping in and taking control just with the breathing was, yeah, yeah, we'll go into a bit more of that but like I say, Yeah,

Katie 58:12

No, well, you could go for another hour if we really wanted to, but no, that's really good. Just for everyone that's still watching, Nick and I will actually have some really exciting news to launch in the next couple of weeks so you got to watch for that we'll probably do another live in the next couple of weeks but for everyone make sure you go check out Nick I know Wolva which his name is actually Barry, but Wolva my fiance Barry and LinkedIn has put up all the links to get to here to Luv fitness studios for Instagram. But make sure Nick is new to LinkedIn show him some love go give him a follow make sure you connect with him he's got a lot of good information coming out

Nick 59:50

Can I give a shout out to Barry cause he has amazing graphics. Yeah.

I'm well impressed. Yeah, um, well impressed.

Katie 1:00:00

He's like, I'm like, I have the ideas. And I think it looks pretty good. He's like, I can make it look better. And then there's like these neon lights and oh, there's all these things coming in, like, thank you for joining Get Your Sh*t Together like--

Nick 1:00:12

So professional love it. Well done, Wolva.

Katie 1:00:14

He's really nice and a really good job. So that's if anyone's noticed, like my info, that my pictures have changed. It's good ole Wolva, aka, Barry Baxter. So that was it. That's that but one one tip for people to Get Their Sh*t Together--literally or figuratively. What would you say to the people?

Nick 1:00:34

The baby steps, baby steps that are said just just slow and steady. And just yeah, just don't worry. Just do them little, tiny--steps every single day. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. They're just just little baby steps. That's the that's the trick.

Katie 1:00:50

Amazing. All right, Nick, thank you so much for coming on. And again, people watch this space. There's some really exciting news coming out. And yeah, speak to you guys next week.

Nick 1:01:01

Thank you

Katie 1:01:01


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