Human Before Business

Something that has become increasingly apparent to me is how many people put business before themselves.

Heck, I’ve spent most of my professional life doing it.

Why it’s important to focus on you before focusing on business.

Here is what I’ve learnt

We strive to have these great careers, businesses, finances, however, along the way, we can lose ourselves.

We start careers and build businesses without really understanding what makes us tick.

And during that process, we lose the ability to check in with ourselves.

I speak to a lot of professionals that can’t answer questions such as:

“What makes you happy?”

“Why do you do what you do?”

When I ask these questions I usually get a generic answer.

More often than not, I get an “I don’t know”.

  • It’s easy to lose ourselves in what we do.

  • It’s easy to throw ourselves into our careers to find meaning and purpose.

  • It’s easy to create a narrative that we are our careers.

However, this can work against us.

We can become incredibly frustrated and unfulfilled.

So I say Human BEFORE Business.

Here are some reasons why.