the many Misconceptions of Burnout

Ahh, burnout… You glorious little devil, you

Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared burnout is now a syndrome (a step up from a type of exhaustion), it has been popping up everywhere. On all the different social media sites, mainstream media and of course, companies.

As it should, it is a serious syndrome. It’s not something to be taken lightly. However, it has brought up a lot of bad content and a lot of misconceptions.

For instance, “I burnt out this morning. It was awful, so I took the morning off and now I’m right back at it”.

Okay, Karen. That’s not exactly how burnout works.

I’ve seen dangerous posts, with people posting about how they combatted burnout by going for a run so they could work throughout the night.

I get it. I remember the days that I would trick myself into feeling good by waking up at 4 am, smashing my side hustle, a gym workout before I went to my 9–5. However, nowhere in there should that a message on how to overcome burnout.

I’m trying to figure out if burnout is going to be the next “badge of honour”.

Or more concerning is it going to be the next fad?

Here’s the thing, people do burn out. It’s a horrible experience for those people.

Companies need to look at their infrastructure to ensure they’re doing everything in their power to prevent it.

However, we need to make sure we are getting the facts straight about burnout.

So here we are.

Let me share with you some of the misconceptions I’ve recently seen or heard.