What is Stress Really Doing TO you?

Let’s be honest, our relationship with stress has become increasingly skewed.

We go to work (or start working from our beds when we first wake up), look at our emails, KPI’s, have meetings, work towards goals and then we come home only to start the process anew.

For most of you, on top of your so-called “9–5”, family commitments exist, as well. You have relationships. Friends who also provide you with stress.

Coming home doesn’t always mean rest and relaxation.

Our lives have transcended into a new form of stress.

Yet another problem we have comes from how we perceive and manage our goals.

If things don’t go to plan at work, then we beat ourselves up. Our inner voice can throw insults that make it near impossible to switch off. All the should’s, could’s and would have’s come rushing in to play.

On the flip side, if things go well at work, we’re pressured to maintain that element of success. Even if we’ve run ourselves ragged. Maybe to achieve that goal we made sacrifices. Sacrifices to our diets, exercise regime or our downtime to hit that goal.