Why Taking Responsibility Is A Super - Power.

Taking responsibility for a situation or scenario isn't always comfortable. Especially if the outcome was negative. However, being able to take full ownership of your choices is a super-power.

This was one of the best lessons in life I have learnt. Not just in a work sense, but also in a professional sense.

Was it easy? No.

Trust me when I say this I hate being wrong. Like a lot of people in the world.

However never admitting your fault, you truly are limiting yourself.

Here are three ways how:

1) It Empowers You.

Yes, my friends, you have heard me correctly. Owning your actions and taking responsibility is incredibly empowering.

Look, we've all been there. Something really shitty happens and we're trying to make sense of it. Sometimes it's not easy, but looking at what you could have done differently. It could have simply been walking away or managing your emotions.

Initially, it doesn’t always feel good. You can feel as if you are a really big screw up.

However, after that initial knee jerk reaction, you feel empowered. You realize you have options. It o